The Diabetic Foodie: Snacking From My High Horse

Kerri Sparling Health Guide
  • I am such a food snob.  A fake food snob, really.  It's a shame, because I shouldn't be one. I have no right.  I can't cook, I don't have a refined palette, and for the most part, I can't even pronounce the foods on the "fancy" restaurant menus.  But somehow, despite these classless tendencies, I'm still known to turn my nose up at things like Fruit Roll-Ups and juice boxes, because I'm always trying to avoid excess sugar, HFCS, and foods that aren't organic.  My husband and I purchase as many organic foods as possible, and I kept close tabs on the origins of my meals, especially during the course of my pregnancy.

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    Ah, the blissful moments when I actually had TIME to read all the food labels and to putter around at Farmer's Markets for the best local produce.

    These days, time isn't exactly on my side.  I have two factors in play at the moment:  watching my daughter and my inability to lift her car seat due to post c-section recovery restrictions.  Taking care of a newborn requires more time and attention than I had anticipated. (Not to worry - I knew it would be tough.  I didn't assume that she'd arrive and start changing her own diapers after a week or anything.)  It's not as much the actual time spent feeding and changing and singing and rocking her back and forth, but more so the time spent not sleeping.  The long nights consisting of very little sleep throw me into zombie-mode for the following day.  Add Zombie Kerri to the long list of activities I'm not supposed to partake in (lifting laundry baskets, carrying her car seat, reaching for things on high shelves … basically doing anything that could strain the c-section incision) and I'm feeling a little trapped.

    To come full-circle, I'm in no position to be a food snob.  Because as a result of my schedule and physical limitations, I have "crap food" stashed everywhere in my house.  Thanks to the magic of breast feeding, low blood sugars crop up unpredictably, sometimes sneaking up on me while I'm actually in the process of feeding my daughter.  Forget my vision of organic foods in our pantry.  Now I have a bedside table and a living room end table playing host to a cache of Fruit Roll-Ups, juice boxes, and glucose tabs. 

    Granted, there are some "healthy-ish" low blood sugar treatment options that don't harken back to my days in third grade.  I've been a fan of the Fruitabu bars for a few years now, because they're like fancy Fruit Roll-Ups without all the garbage additives.  Annie's (of the Annie's Mac n' Cheese fame) also makes some fruit snacks that are organic and tasty, alleviating a lot of my guilt when I have to house a package or two while feeding my ravenous little one-month-old baby.  And when I am able to plan my snacks a little more, I’ve been trying to use fresh fruit to keep my numbers a bit higher.  I’m doing my best to favor these healthier snacks when the lows strike.

    But I can’t lie: sometimes, there’s nothing like the sound of the cellophane wrapper unleashing that nasty, almost plastic-esque Fruit Roll-Up. Even my (unwarranted) inner food snob can’t compete with that.

Published On: May 18, 2010