Diabetes Bloggers support the Healthy Eating Initiative "D-Feast"

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  • Diabetes is a disease (or condition or health situation or whatever you choose to call it) that revolves around food.  Our food choices, for better or for worse, affect our medication needs, our bodies, and our blood sugars.  Eating well is important for everyone, but it's especially important for people with diabetes. 

    Which is why being a good cook is such an asset if you have diabetes.

    … which is why I have so much trouble sometimes, because I am a horrible cook.

    My best friend is like a food McGyver.  She can open up an almost-empty pantry and make something incredible out of a stick of gum, a jar of cumin, and four lasagna noodles.  Me?  Armed with the best cookbooks and the tastiest ingredients and I'm still unable to put a meal together that's borderline enticing.   This is a frustrating lack of talent because my disease almost requires the ability to move around in a kitchen.  My cooking abilities come to a screeching halt at scrambled eggs and peeling back the foil on a Yoplait.

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    Now enter the magic of the diabetes blogosphere, and the great idea that IS D-Feast Friday.  This idea is the brainchild of three diabetes bloggers (Lorraine, Karen, and Elizabeth) and the concept is for diabetes bloggers to share their favorite recipes.  Easy enough for those who are blessed with the ability to cook, and a freaking goldmine for people like me (who think the fridge is used solely to display artwork).  So many bloggers were rallied for this event, giving rise to a veritable online cookbook for people with diabetes.  (Note:  Not all the recipes were "diabetes friendly," but that made it even better.  Because you know if people are claiming to eat "perfectly" all the time, they're blowing smoke.  Better to admit what you're really consuming, try to get the carb count right, and aim for good blood sugar control instead of falsifying perfect diets.  And there ends my rant about food.  :) )

    My contribution to D-Feast Friday was pathetic - ice cubes ::rimshot:: - but the more talented chefs in the diabetes blogosphere really busted out with some quality recipes.  Some even included the carb counts - essential for getting good post-prandial blood sugars!  There were dinner entrees, side dish options, snack ideas, and some really delicious dessert suggestions.  What made it an even more quality online event was that each dish came with a personal story from the blogger, even if it was just a one-line "This is my favorite childhood recipe" sort of thing. 

    For someone like me, D-Feast Friday is a resource that I need to continue to go back and check out, because culinary talent is available in spades from the diabetes bloggers.  And for you, if you are interested in checking out what was posted that day, you can click on this link and visit the D-Feast Friday archives.  Viva la healthy cooking!

Published On: August 10, 2010