Scientists Locate "Molecular Switches" for Insulin Producing Cells

Laura Community Member
  • Biologists at Harvard have located three "crucial molecular switches," that can convert a normal pancreas cell to an insulin-producing cell, the Washington Post is reporting.


    This cell transformation would allow patients with Diabetes to have their cells reprogrammed and would cure them of the chronic ailment without the use of drugs or transplants.


    Researchers are saying the cell makeover would also help people suffering with heart disease, strokes and other ailments.


    Although the experiment involved mice, researchers are optimistic about the discovery.


    Researchers said they have begun to experiment with human cells and hope to begin working with Diabetic patients next year.

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    Douglas A. Melton, co-director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute said he hopes to begin human trials within five years.


    Stay tuned in to see what our diabetes experts have to say about the research.


Published On: August 29, 2008