Using the Thigh for Insulin Pump

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    I've always been squeamish about trying alternate sites for my insulin pump.  When Tiffany wrote about using her breasts back in 2005, I kind of shut down on the whole notion. Eeeeww! Just give me the belly and arms, thank you very much.


    But now that I'm having issues with both skin irritation and lipodystrophy (overused infusion sites), I'm starting to eye the rest of my body for acceptable places to poke.

    Insulet, the makers of my OmniPod pump, have been insisting for some time that the thigh is a nice option.  My thoughts were: "Yeah, if you're a guy, with no hair on your legs... or if you're the type of person who never takes off their pants."  I don't happen to fall into either category.  So I can't say what made me try it.  Other than the combined facts that it's been so hot, the skin on my belly is sore, and I want to wear sleeveless tops without a plastic chunk hanging off my arm.  In short, desperation.

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    Well, after years of resistance, I now feel a bit like the big guy in Green Eggs and Ham:


    I like the thigh (no glam)!
    I do! I like it, Sam-I-am!

    And these look just like my legs... NOT


    The pod on my upper thigh is surprisingly comfortable.  Of course it's a little awkward in bathing suit season, but I've actually realized that this particular part of my body is almost always hidden - either by my swim cover-up, the pool water, or whatever outfit I'm wearing when not swimming.  In cool weather, my husband and a few ladies in the gym locker room are the only people who'll ever see it.


    And changes in insulin absorption? I'm still experimenting to determine whether a few recent highs were just my usual mistakes, or some trouble with dosing through the legs.  A leg-induced glucose high?  In other words, a thigh high?  Maybe...

Published On: September 25, 2008