World Diabetes Day: Google Doodle Petition

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  • Ask Google for a World Diabetes Day DoodleEver seen those fun-looking doodles Google puts up once a while on their home page? They are appropriately called "Google Doodles" and earlier this week thousands of people with diabetes started signing a petition for Google to do one of those doodles come November 14: you guessed it! Our very own World Diabetes Day Google Doodle!


    Considering how popular Google is, with their help we will be able to raise more diabetes awareness that day. Just think of it: for a whole day, millions of people will see the doodle and hover over it wondering: "What is this about?" Then come to learn that Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day and search for more information about diabetes.

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    David Edelman, founder of, one of the original sponsors of the petition, shared: "We want to have every single person touched by diabetes sign this petition and to have every one of them tell others about it too." That is why the goal is to collect more than 20,000 signatures before November 1.


    Originally co-sponsored by and, the petition now counts with the support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Diabetes Research Institute along with other online diabetes resources such as My Diabetes Central (the community you are now on), Diabetes TalkFest, Children With Diabetes, dLife, Six Until Me, Diabetes Power Show and Diabetes Mine.


    The team has their eyes on the goal, hoping to get Google’s attention with the support of more than 20 thousand other people. Make sure to sign the petition at and learn about other ways that you can help make a difference this coming World Diabetes Day at


    As Phil Riley, from the International Diabetes Federation, put it in an interview in Diabetes Power Show, "Google, give us a doodle!"

Published On: October 09, 2008