Diabetes Tools to Track Blood Glucose On-line

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  • Last month, I wrote about a couple of tools currently available to help you track your blood glucose data online. In this article, I discuss five more tools you can find on the web to help you with your diabetes management.



    URL: http://Glucosurfer.org
    Cost: free of charge. Donations to help maintain the service are encouraged.

    Based out of Germany, Glucosurfer.org offers a mobile-based alternative to your handwritten blood sugar diary. It lets you enter data through your cell phone and later analyze it or add more information through the Glucosurfer.org web site. It supports English, French and German and if you consent to it, your data can be used for diabetes research by the Institute for Diabetes Research at the St. Franziskus-Hospital in Münster, Germany.

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    Log for Life
    URL: http://www.logforlife.com
    Cost: free of charge with no ads. The service is still currently in beta, though it’s fully functional.

    Log For Life won the first place in the adult category of the Second Annual DiabetesMine Design Challenge, in 2008 (the third challenge starts March 2, 2009). Their design is very iPhone-like and, not surprisingly, they offer a very slick iPhone interface. Their clean graphs show you your data focusing on the essentials: your data points, your average and the normal range. The Analysis module lets you get a numeric idea of how you have done with your glucose, carbs eaten, meds, exercise and weight.



    Diabetic Days
    URL: http://diabeticdays.com
    Cost: free of charge. They welcome donations or store purchases to keep the service free.

    Currently Diabetic Days is set up to let you submit your blood sugar and insulin data through the web site, email and SMS. They will be adding carb and activity counting as data options. You can graph your results and participate in discussions with other users of the service through their forum. Diabetic Days shows information using BIG fonts, which makes it very easy to read and particularly convenient for older patients or those who may have vision problems.


    URL: http://www.healthengage.com
    Cost: free with ads. Premium memberships without ads start at $19.99 per year.

    HealthEngage lets you enter glucose readings by hand or conveniently import them from a number of supported meters. One of the cool things about this service is that it anonymously displays your glucose readings entered by users on a world map in their home page, so you can see how your diabetes management stacks up against that of others. You can also set up widgets to display or let you collect data on your own web site or blog.



    Project Diabetes
    URL: http://www.projectdiabetes.com
    Cost: free of charge. Sponsored by Three Questions, LLC.

    Project Diabetes offers unique pathways to track your blood glucose, carbs, activity and units of insulin. You can add data through their web site, using an iGoogle widget, through their iPhone interface or… coolest of all, you can call in and enter your data through their voice-activated system. You can then analyze the impact that the combination of food, exercise and insulin has on your blood sugars through their stacked charts.

Published On: March 01, 2009