The Results of My Last Doctor's Appointment

Jackie Smith Health Guide
  • There was no doubt I was stressed about my last doctor’s appointment when I needed to go in for my type 2 diabetes checkup and lab work – and for good reason. The results were as I feared: HIGH.


    Fasting glucose: 238
    HbA1c: 9.7

    I gasped even though I was not surprised by these results. As I said, I could feel it. Moreover, I am so disappointed in myself.


    Looking back, my HbA1c a year ago was a 7! With those good results, my doctor said I no longer needed to see her every three months. I was thrilled and optimistic! I felt I was finally on track. Yet as time passed, I became overconfident in my self-doctoring and my habits got sloppier and sloppier. I’d forget to take my medicine and shrug it off. I’d drink a regular soda and rationalize why it was okay. I’d sprain an ankle and use the injury as a two-week hiatus from exercise.

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    Now, a year later, with these new results, topped with the tough questions asked by my doctor – she was not fooled – my face was hot. I was blushing in embarrassment.


    This was when I said out loud what I had come to realize months ago. I cannot fight this disease on my own. I can’t. I told Dr. Z that I need more help. I need to see her more, I needed to be tested more often, I needed to be more accountable and that meant being accountable to someone else.


    She’s agreed and has added one more medication to the mix in a last ditch effort before talking about insulin. Meanwhile, I’ve agreed to going back to diabetes education classes and finally getting a handle on counting grams of carbs.


    My next appointment is on January 13th. The pressure is on!



Published On: January 03, 2011