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  • When I was a kid, my mom used to work on Easter gifts with creative frenzy. We would work on coloring eggs for hours and explore new ways to color them.  Gifts included plastic eggs filled with items like jacks, crayons, jewelry and ribbons for my waist length hair. Mom also was an avid fan of Leggs pantyhose for the plastic egg she would save for my basket. I loved Easter because the gifts were always creative and more fun than candy.


    In the great Bartlett Easter tradition, the bunny delivered an early gift this year.  The gift is so appropriate this year, because this Easter marks 40 years since my diagnosis. What could be more appropriate than the surprise arrival of my brand new DEXCOM!  I'm stunned and elated to have this in my hands. Forty years is a long time, and I've been so fortunate not to have complications so far. However, I realized how important my continued well-being is and I decided that I wanted to tighten my control on my now-aging body!  It is quite an Easter gift and I'm excited to start using it.

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    For me, one of the issues is realizing that I'm becoming more sensitive to food, therefore bolus ratios have been a real factor in gaining control.  Even with concentration on carb counting and ratios, I've had a year or two of struggle and this is bound to help me see trends more easily and to adjust the foods that I eat or the ratios I'm using. While I do a pretty good job of testing 4-6 times a day, there are hours I cannot see the wandering blood sugar and I often feel blind to know exactly where I'm headed. I'm tired of the surprises of extreme lows and ridiculous highs, so I contacted Dexcom to resolve my issues.


    With insurance paying for most of the cost, my out of pocket cost for my Dexcom CGM was $127 and my sensors will cost me about $27/month.  I want to thank the Dexcom sales rep who read my last blog that mentioned how long the process to get a CGM could take and asked, "Why did you say it would take two months? You never know what your health insurer will request, it could take as little as a week!" I am extremely grateful to have found this process effortless.   Many people have worked hard to make health care providers see the importance of CGM technology. JDRF has worked tirelessly to advocate for CGM because the studies prove that control benefits all of us living with diabetes. Gina Capone‘s site for her anti denial campaign, where you can find info on all aspects of fighting the insurers for denying this coverage.


    40 years later, the Easter bunny has left me grinning again!




    I plan to walk through the process of following the pattern and will write my post on my A1c and let you watch what happens.  


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Published On: March 31, 2010