New One Touch Lancing Device: The Delica

Ann Bartlett Health Guide
  • As we all know, lancing our fingers several times a day can get pretty painful for little nerves under the skin. So, a month ago, I bought the new lancing device by One Touch called the Delica.


    The size is small, so it fits better in the cases I use, which are varied (not the usual One Touch case, because I often use different meters).  Next to the One Touch Mini device that came with my meter, the Delica is about ¾ the size of the original mini lancing device.


    The device's movements are much smoother than the old device that came with the mini. The release button is softer to use, with less vibration when it hits the skin, which is why they say the prick is less painful. But the one issue I had is the number of tries it took to get a sample. It seems almost standard that it took two tries, and sometimes as many as four.  I have the depth set at two, which worked on my other devices in order to get a sample on the first stick. So, my advice is to play with the depth setting, since the device is slightly smaller and lighter.

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    The needle itself is extremely small! When I pulled it out of the box and took the rubber tip off the end, I had trouble seeing it! It fits well in the device and was pretty easy to change. The reason that Delica is more pain free than the others is due to its lancet size. It is a 33-gauge lancet, which BD also makes, and for tiny fingers and sensitive fingers, smaller is a MUST! 


    Since the diabetes community has lost the Pelican and Renew lancing devices, the Delica is a step in the right direction for One Touch. However, one drawback is the cost.  I bought the Delica at Walgreens for $19.99, which included the device and 10 lancets. A box of lancets was $14.99. On Amazon, which is my usual price comparison check, the cost was higher at $23.31 with a box of lancets for $14.99. For those of you who really need the pain reduction, though, I would check and see if insurance would help cover this device. My insurance did cover the lancets and device 100%.


    One final note: While we are talking about One Touch, check out the One Touch ads on this site (really). You have to qualify, but it doesn't hurt to try. I've done it before just to see if I could qualify, and I didn't, but you never know. The good news is they don't hit you with spam and they don't call your house. I hope they will this deal with the Delica in the future! 



Published On: August 03, 2010