Acupuncture, Diabetes -- and Your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Ann Bartlett Health Guide
  • This summer has had many ups and downs, and I've hit both ends of the emotional spectrum! My business started to work on expansion in June, and with that came the issues of financing, working to make sure the model I'm working with has the accountant's seal of approval, working with the city to get permits and licenses, hiring staff, scheduling and (finally) renovations. Additionally, I needed to tend to my own client base.


    At the end of each day, I have climbed into bed and hardly remember the lights the going out, but several hours later I would wake up with 10,000 thoughts: thoughts of people, business and personal worries. After eight weeks of wrestling with all of it, I started to physically see it in my body. Blood glucose ups and downs, tired eyes, physically so tired I didn't want to exercise. My energy continued to slide down at a time when I really needed it. And to top it all off, sleep seemed to elude me!

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    Fatigue and stress, the two biggest health issues (to me, anyway!), had returned with vengeance! It was a monstrous feeling of being spent, and feeling emotional and spiritually lost in it!


    I now have a teaching studio at my office. A large, beautiful room designed to be simple to create a sense of simplicity and wellness through yoga, pilates, tai chi and qi gong. A room created for workshops on well living concepts and on stress management techniques. I have two rooms for bodywork disciplines: reiki, massage, acupuncture, biofeedback and more opportunities that leave me feeling excited!


    IRONY! I own what I need!


    A week ago, I was working late at the office and my acupuncturist took one look at my tired eyes and said, "Let me put a few needles in. It will help how you feel." I didn't waste a second getting on my own comfy table. My eyes were hurting and dry, my head was pounding and I hadn't said a word to my acupuncturist.


    She put a few needles in, and within a few minutes a sense of calm and relaxation started to wash over me. A couple needles were noticeable (but not painful), and Linda said, "Ann, your liver needs better balance." She left the room to allow the needles to sit and placed an eye pillow over my eyes. After 20 minutes, Linda flew in the door. The floor guys needed me upstairs. And we quickly pulled the needles out and I transitioned to sitting up.


    When I stood up my headache was gone, my eyes were relaxed and I felt energetically balanced, not so tired. When I went home, I slept for the first time in many months through the entire night. In the morning I was fresh! Over the next two days my blood glucose leveled more and I was feeling more relaxed about everything.


    I have used acupuncture for 10 years. It helps bolster my immune system and offers me something I can't explain in the way of better health management. In late September, I will be writing a sharepost with my acupuncturist about the basics concepts of acupuncture to try to explain in plain language what it does. Feel free to ask questions, and I'll try to incorporating them into the sharepost.

Published On: August 31, 2007