Finding a Good, Inexpensive Blood Glucose Meter

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  • In your arsenal of items to fight diabetes, what do you value most, meds or meter? Think about it, what would you do if you had to make a choice, medicine or tests strips?  As someone living with type 1 diabetes, my meter tells me how much insulin to inject, I can't even begin to tell you, how the thought of having to make a choice makes me shutter. Add to that the current economy and many of our D friends have to parse their paycheck.  


    Without a meter, you are shooting into the dark.  Too much and you put yourself in the hospital, not enough and you begin that roller coaster of highs and lows and inevitably bringing yourself closer to having complications.  Stable blood sugar is the key to success and in kids stable blood sugar is even more important to ward off complications.

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    When pump companies integrate a particular meter to work with the pump to help with unifying data storage, often if you pay for the strips for that meter run $50-60 dollars for a bottle of 50, it adds to the build up of cost.  If you are living on MDI, multiple daily injections, the meter options are many, unless dictated by your insurer.   And if you are uninsured then the choices are limited only by what you want to spend.


    In 2009, I wrote a post here about finding cheap test strips and meters. After reviewing in store prices, big box store prices, I found that Amazon had the best prices for strips. A month ago, I went back to Amazon to find that the deal for strips like one touch had bounced up to the same price as CVS and Walgreen's! 


    It was upsetting to find that the deals on Amazon were no longer available. But when I began to think about it, one touch is the most easily accessible meter, but does not spend the money to update it's technology for improved performance. A great example is their initiative to change the strips to something called Ultra Blue. All of us thought this was about improvement, but the sad truth was it was about marketing, not improvement. 


    While I surfed Amazon for deals, I found a great deal on a Wavesense Presto meter.  David Mendosa and I have both loved this company for its devotion to meters only and their ability to stay focused on technology advancements for accuracy. I reviewed the Presto a couple of years ago and found it to be a very good cost for the quality so the deal on Amazon proved too sweet not to share!


    Here are the links:

    • Presto start up kit for $4.99 ($30.00 savings) 
    • Presto Test Strips (50 count) $12.49 (per strip cost of .24 cents)
    • A box of 100 count test strips for $34.65, or .34 cents per strip
    • A free meter deal with box of 200 count test strips for $73.99, which equals .37 cents per strip. 

    Pull out your calculators and do the math and decide which deal is the BEST deal! Also remember these deals will expire, but new ones will pop up!



Published On: August 05, 2011