Parents And The Inspiration Diabetes Can Create

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  • I have always admired people who have the desire and ability to change the circumstances for the greater good by seeing an unmet need and creating the answer. 


    My mom was a big believer in taking your angst and throwing into action. She never let me feel defeated by diabetes and often would turn things around into teachable moments. Most of us need an outlet in moments of uncertainty and despair.  With diabetes, kids need to learn that they are normal and can lead a very healthy life while living with diabetes.  Parents need to think about parenting for that success.  What better way to help someone learn to live with diabetes by teaching them about outreach.  How can they help others in the same predicament? By doing this it takes the focus off of them and places it on using empathy toward others.

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    The success behind JDRF has been to harness the drive and ambition of parents of type1 children.  Few things are as powerful as a parent who wants to change the circumstances for their children!  One such example is Mary Kaye Huntsman, wife of republican presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman.


    Liddy Huntsman was diagnosed with type 1 at age 8 and Mary Kaye saw her daughter struggling to find someone who could really relate to her.  Using her skills in public service, Mary Kaye suggested that Liddy meet other newly diagnosed children and share her experience with them. Together, Liddy and Mary Kaye put a bag of diabetes friendly snacks together and took it to the hospital to share with other children. 


    Mary Kaye took her idea of creating a unique connection for newly diagnosed to JDRF and founded the Bag of Hope campaign.  Motivated by the success of the Bag of Hope, Mary Kaye formed another Bag of Hope designed for cancer patients.  Her focus is now on the development of programs for at risk youths calledPower in You.


    The article in Huffington Post was a refreshing reminder that all of us should be focused on the greater good! 


    PS. I'm not a registered republican and this is not an endorsement for Huntsman for president! Although, I might give him some consideration now! Wink  


Published On: November 16, 2011