Eating Well With Diabetes: What's in Ann's and David's Refrigerators?

Ann Bartlett Health Guide
  • Sometimes, I hate food. I hate food when I've had dinner and have a low blood sugar and have to eat more. I hate eating in the middle of the night to correct for a low blood sugar and have to brush my teeth, again, before I climb back in bed. I want to eat what I want to eat without having to glance at the plate and carb count. In my body, eating and diabetes are in a constant fight!

    In my teens, I got into a binge/purge relationship with food. Later, I told friends that God had made me diabetic, so I would not be anorexic. Food has been a necessary evil and I developed a mental game to keep myself healthy: make it a love relationship. Food can be a relationship that pleases, satisfies and fulfills. Learning about food and a culture's history with food is to learn about their health habits.

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    For example, a client told me about bitter melon. Bitter melon is a favorite food in India and it is revered as "diabetic ambrosia." Bitter melon is a highly bitter gourd, but with spices and yogurt turns into something delicious. The association with bitter melon to diabetes is that it helps increase insulin sensitivity.

    Living with diabetes is a life long process of learning. One of the best short cuts to learning the tricks to living with diabetes is talking with someone who has successfully mastered the art!

    In my ever-growing interest in low carb eating, I asked my friend, David Mendosa, to join me in a project. I wanted to sneak a peek in his fridge and compare it to mine!


    I thought there would be glaring differences, but there were not! We both had condiments, spices and cooking basics, but not a lot of junk food. We both tend to shop frequently, because we buy fresh. I hit my farmers market twice a week and I shop for specific ingredients, like meat and the vegetables the day I make the recipe.

    I had a few leftovers, one from Chinese take out, which we do once in awhile, but not on a regular basis, and I had veggie leftovers from a party the weekend before the video shoot. I made the joke about the Vodka, which has been sitting in my freezer for years and I sort of forget about it.

    What I learned is that my fridge is not so different from David's. Low carb does not strip you of loving cooking; it actually enhances the cooking experience because it requires adding flavor that gives new ideas to flavoring other dishes. It does not take me back to hating food, but, instead, encourages lingering conversation about tasting and creating a wonderful dinner with friends!

    Cheers, David, and I hope we get to share a meal together soon!

Published On: December 14, 2011