D-Blog Week: Finding Friends with Diabetes

Ann Bartlett Health Guide
  • Karen Graffeo started "d-blog week" three years ago.  It is now engaging 214 bloggers for a week of blogging on a list of subjects. You can see the list on Bittersweet


    Before 2007, I never gave a thought to wanting or needing to know another person with diabetes.  To me, it didn’t matter if you had diabetes if you were my friend.  But, after I joined HealthCentral, I started to read the blogs on the site and I found laughter, love, life and personal support and so I changed my mind.  I wanted to know people with diabetes.   It has been so rewarding to get to know David Mendosa, Bill Quick, Gretchen Becker on the type 2 side, Amy Tendrich, Amy Stockwell Mercer, Kelsey Bonilla, and a young college student at the time, Ginger Vieira

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    Over the next year, a couple more people joined the team; an up and coming social media guru, who had started a new diabetes site named Manny Hernandez, a woman who answered questions on HealthCentral named Cherise Shockley, and a rowdy diabetes groupie, Gina Capone, who made me laugh, (that cookie post still cracks me up, btw), Dr. Fran Cogen, and Kerri Sparling of sixuntilme.com, who joined us to write about diabetes and pregnancy.


    I realized that I had been missing out on some important sharing. Sharing of information on diabetes technology, research, health, life, love, and technology farts that made living with diabetes feel normal. For me to pick out "new finds" would be a disservice, because you will find something within each story that resonates.  My advice is to check out the links connected to Karen’s participant list and pick a couple.  You may find you have nothing in common, or perhaps someone will help you feel empowered through connecting, sharing, or supporting - and that is what living is all about - diabetes or not.


    I recently met Sysy Morales, from The Girl's Guide to Diabetes, and had a great time getting to know her.  She is real, candid and empowered and I love women who are challenged, like me, to help others feel the empowered too.  This is the basis of community. This is what it means to know someone else with diabetes.  

Published On: May 17, 2012