Two Glucose Meters Recalled for Incorrect “High” Blood Glucose Readings

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  • Two different companies released a new type of meter and within weeks of each other, had to recall them for problems involving high blood sugar readings.

    On March 25, 2013 One Touch VerioIQ glucose meter was recalled when it was discovered that blood sugars above 1000 would automatically shut down the meter. (On a personal note, if my blood glucose were anywhere near 1,000, I too would shut down/pass out).


    Then, two days ago, Abbott recalled Insulinx blood glucose meters for potentially giving an inaccurate low blood glucose reading, when blood sugar is very, very high, of over 1000. ::sigh::

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    So what can be done?


    One Touch is replacing their VerioIQ meter. Owners of the meter in question can call customer service at 1-800- 717-0276 to receive their free replacement meter.  The press release says you may continue to use the faulty meter, while you wait for your new one.  (If you have blood sugar over 1,000, I would admit oneself to the hospital and forego waiting for a new meter. There’s a bigger problem then just the meter!)


    Abbott’s instructions say to access their website to update the software. If you would rather replace the meter you may contact customer service at 1-866-723-2697. Replacements are available and Abbott will send meters to customers immediately upon request.


    Technology advancement is a wonderful thing, and I’m all for blood glucose monitoring becoming more of an integrated data storage unit, like a pump. With more data on blood sugar trends, insulin use, and food, the better you can see where you need help to adjust your diabetes management.

Published On: April 22, 2013