Health Insurance Exchanges are Coming! What You Need to Know

Ann Bartlett Health Guide
  • In one month, everyone in the United States will have the opportunity to enroll for health insurance. What does this mean for you? You’ll have the ability to research, compare and enroll in a health insurance plan that fits your needs and income – even if you have been turned down before for insurance.


    Some things to know


    1) Where to search for information.  If your state has an exchange set up, you can go to to fill out an application to see what plans you might want to consider. You may want to consider subscribing to their emails.  It’s an easy way to stay informed of news related to the marketplace exchanges and reminders for enrollment periods.

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    2) You may also continue to use health insurance brokers to help you with navigating the companies and policies. For example, my husband is a broker and he acts as an independent party between the companies and the buyer.  For many states, the exchanges won’t be ready on October 1st; therefore, independent brokers will be a vital source of information for both the health insurance companies and those people who are shopping for a policy. Brokers are free advisors to anyone seeking health insurance.  In other words, the insurance company only pays them once you buy a policy.


    I’m happy about some of the healthcare changes and I’m worried about some of it, too, but because I live in a state that has prevented anyone with a pre-existing condition from getting health insurance, this is welcome relief.

Published On: September 04, 2013