Diabetes and Activity Tracking

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  • One thing people with diabetes know is that exercise helps to control blood sugar. The more we exercise, the higher our sensitivity for injected or endogenous insulin.  It’s a simple statement, but sometimes it’s hard to master consistency and routine to make that exercise part happen.


    It’s also really easy to convenience yourself that you get enough exercise by walking the halls at work and walking to and from metro, or walking to the car in the parking lot. But is all of that enough to help maintain your health?


    I’m used to hearing, “You’re so fit! Look at how much exercise you get by giving massage all day.”  It’s easy to think so.  Several times a day, I climb a flight of steps to take my clients to my office, then back down the steps to check them into the online system, grab some water, wash my hands, etc, then back up the steps for the session.  I’m walking the 2500 sq feet of the office all day long. Not to mention that massage its self is hardy handshake, too. Wink

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    Since I started the business, I’ve put on weight.  I gave up running six days a week and my twice-weekly yoga workouts for the demands of growing a business. I also see the consequences of less exercise in more frequent roller coaster blood sugars and lack of quality sleep.


    Last year, I couldn’t take it anymore!  My stress level was too high on a regular basis and my fitness was feeling more like I belonged in the couch potato category. My food choices were still healthy, but I knew that I needed to reduce the portions and the chronic nibbling for 4 small, balanced meals and push myself to get more exercise.


    I bought a pedometer and found out that my average steps were 4000 steps/day.  It simply wasn’t enough exercise. Guidelines suggest that we should average 10,000 steps per day, or roughly 5 miles.  (10,000 steps for me equals a little under 6 miles.) Wearing it made me realize that I had to add more focused exercise to my daily routine.


    Aside from the fact that it helped me to recognize my lack of fitness, it also served as a partner to make me workout. Adding the extra foot steps to my day, helped improve my quality of sleep, as well as improved my energy level.


    Next up: Switching from my pedometer to the Shine.

Published On: December 19, 2013