The Big Blue Test and Diabetes Month

Ann Bartlett Health Guide
  • Every November, I'm filled with honor and angst. Diabetes awareness month brings out the oppotunity to raise awareness about diabetes, but I cringe to see how many diabetes-related charities pull at my heartstrings with stories of people who can’t afford diabetes, won’t survive diabetes, and all of them with their hand out.  It feels so overwhelming that the diabetes awareness month can start with burnout, before the month even gets going.


    As someone living with diabetes, our job is to take good care of our diabetes and ourselves, so one of the programs I do participate in is the Big Blue Test.

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    The reason I’m a huge fan is two-fold. First, this is self-feeding your diabetes management goals and, second, by participating in the Big Blue Test, you passively support others living with diabetes. Each recording triggers an automatic donation by one of the program sponsors to a nonprofit organization that helps people with diabetes receive the life saving supplies they need to survive and thrive.


    Here’s how the Big Blue Test works:


    People check their blood sugar, then go exercise for 14-20 minutes and check again.


    You then record your tests into the, or you can use the iPhone or android app to record your blood glucose readings anonymously. It’s simple and it’s an effective reminder to keep working at your own health, while giving back to the community we want to support!


    The Diabetes Hands Foundation is looking to raise $35,000 by November 19, so test often and help them raise money for our d-friends in need!


    The Big Blue Test.  Just do it. 

Published On: November 07, 2014