The FDA Approves the Animas Vibe Insulin Pump And Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System

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  • The FDA approved the Animas Vibe insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for the management of insulin-requiring diabetes for anyone 18 years of age or older.


    I’ve been using the Dexcom for 3 years and it has improved my diabetes control and made my life far more relaxing.  The Dexcom helps me recognize my trend and take action before I end up too high or too low.


    Animas integrated their Vibe pump with the Dexcom system.


    The Dexcom measures your glucose levels every five minutes, providing real-time glucose readings, as well as trend information. CGM technology has been shown to improve glycemic control in adults 25 years and older by reducing their hbA1c, hypoglycemia and reduced glucose variability.

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    The pump screen will now show users their latest glucose readings, as well as a complete view of their glucose highs, lows and rates of change over time. As with any cgm, you still need to finger test for accuracy and calibration, but I’ve always said that knowing your blood glucose trend is what helps you to take faster action and reduce the bell curve that diabetes delivers to us every day.


    The Animas Vibe also offers precise insulin dosing with a low basal increment of 0.025 u/hr across all available ranges (0.025 u/hr to 25.00u/hr). Bolus rates start as low as .05 units across all available ranges (.05- 35.00 units) Anyone using the Vibe can also personalize their pump settings by choosing individual insulin to carb ratios, insulin sensitivity factors, and blood glucose targets in 30 minute increments with up to 12 personal settings.


    Additional features of the Animas Vibe include:

    • Dexcom CGM sensor technology is approved for up to seven days of continuous wear. A smaller insertion needle (also called introducer needle) for less pain.
    • The pump is waterproof up to 12 feet in the water, and the Dexcom transmitter is waterproof up to 8 feet in the water.
    • First and only CGM-enabled insulin pump with a high contrast color screen, featuring color-coded graphs and arrows to indicate direction rate of glucose change, revealing trends at a glance.
    • Customizable alarms to indicate high and low glucose levels.


    If you want your own Animas Vibe, Animas is taking orders and anticipates shipping to begin in 2015!

Published On: December 01, 2014