Vitamin B1 may protect against Type 1 Diabetes

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  • On Friday, I got my JDRF Research Newsletter and one of the highlights was a study conducted by Yale University and University of Chicago called the “Hygiene Hypothesis” that concluded common intestinal bacteria may provide some protection from the development of type 1 diabetes.

    This fascinates me! For decades, Naturopaths and Homeopaths have always encouraged taking probiotics, but conventional medicine either blew off the importance of probiotics for restoring the bacteria to the intestinal tract, or they simply refuted the research as too small of a trial to support the findings. Naturopaths and Homeopaths believed that conventional antibiotics  and infection killed off the bacteria in the intestinal tract.  They were right.

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    In addition to the Hygiene Hypothesis, another enlightening study from England came out about Vitamin B1, thiamine, and the lack of it in people living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A 2 year study found that diabetes patients were 80% deficient in Thiamine.  Thiamine helps in the prevention of vascular disease and improves kidney function.  With poor kidney function the increased risk for heart disease is up 20 fold.  If Vitamin B1 improves the odds of fewer complications, why can't it be counted as preventive medicine?

    Allie Beatty, owner of, brought my attention to the fact that the FDA doesn’t permit dietary supplements to hold claims of  “curing” or “treating” a condition.  But the fact is both of these studies show that complications can be deterred or avoided with natural, non pharma products! And where’s the risk in trying it?  The side effects of vitamin B will be far less complicated than the side effects of some pharma drugs!


    Having grown up going to a school that had a 350 hundred acre biodynamic farm across the street, a school nurse who dispensed arnica instead of aspirin, a visiting homeopath once a week and organic gardens galore that students learned to tend, I've known since the second grade nature has some great medicine.  My school was an amazing amalgam of "natural studies" talent. Most of the teachers had diverse backgrounds in knowing the value of organic living, healthy soil and healthy food, and our farmers were PhDs in biochemistry. (The farm, now produces a yogurt called Seven Stars Farm Yogurt, which is sold in health food stores including WholeFoods). 


    My mom was the vitamin nazi from the time I was diagnosed.  Vitamin C was her big thing!  Buying only the crystallized form, I learned what bitter meant!  In my 20's I learned what a good complex vitamin B could do.  I'm so sensitive that I can physically notice when I've missed a few days. I was taught that B and C were excellent for boosting your immune system and building healthy cells.   


    I realize the unique experience I had growing up, and I am grateful for that early exposure and years of therapy I've been receiving as a result!  Being your own best advocate, is the only way to stay alert to the potential of natural helpers for the diabetic body!  I have no doubt that more research on the benefits of nature’s remedies will be on the way!


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    (By the way, Allie is a guest blogger on and her topic: Vitamin B and CSmile)


Published On: December 13, 2008