Medtronic Recalls Quick-Set Infusion Sets

Ann Bartlett Health Guide
  • On Monday, I was alerted to a Medtronic Quick-set set recall.  Many of you know that I have been on a pump vacation this summer.  I had been having extreme high blood sugars, and even after changing out the quick set 3 times in 3 days, I was still seeing the same numbers looming!  So I disconnected for the peace of mind to say if there were high numbers, there was only one variable to blame and that would be myself.


    Today was a reminder of technical glitches.  In the mail, I received a new box of Quick-sets and a return label, reply card and a letter.  The letter had a Q&A sheet, the first question: Why is Medtronic recalling "Lot8" Quick-set Infusion sets?

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    A:  We recently identified that approximately 2% of the "lot8" Quick-sets used with Minimed Paradigm insulin pumps may not work properly- some of these infusion sets do not allow the insulin pump to vent.  This can potentially cause too much or too little insulin to be delivered.


    My last shipment back in March had been all Lot 8 Quick-sets. I have always joked that I'm a minority in the world of insulin pumpers.  I am apparently in the 2%! 


    Kudos to Medtronic for responding to the problem and I'm relieved to know that it was not me! 



Published On: July 10, 2009