On Faith and Diabetes: Spirituality in Healing

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  • HealthCentral has been in contact with the editorial dept of On Faith about creating a content-sharing with each of the sites on HealthCentral!  


    To start our project, we want to hear your questions regarding faith and healing, and On Faith's two bloggers will post responses and link them back to our site here.  


    For me, this has been the hardest post to write! I have never felt that type 1 diabetes had much to do with faith and/or spirituality. My head has been so conditioned that I am very analytical to the disease.  But that does not mean I lack spirituality or faith in my life.  

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    I also look at this venture with a bit of humor.  Why not ask myself the hard question, "Does faith and healing matter in managing my disease?"  I waffle a bit here, because physically it's my responsibility, faith and spirituality aren't involved, but what faith does provide is solace for my soul.  It balances other places in my life.


    In many ways, I have a tremendous amount of faith, but how I use that is for my own personal growth.  On the other hand, I have been part of many conversations with friends and clients who have been through hard times when faith is what pulled them through, and I do not disregard their experience as anything less.


    So what questions can we ask our new friends from On Faith? Please post any questions you may have on faith and healing in the comments sections below. 


Published On: October 22, 2009