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Ann Bartlett

Ann Bartlett, Health Guide

Wellness Center Owner, living with type 1 diabetes

How Summer Camps Fostered A Confidence To Help Me Thrive With Diabetes

In all the years of living with diabetes, I never thought about the example I might be for the people around me, with and without diabetes. An example of what I mean are my memories of summer camp in Maine.


Camp had always been about friendship and the skills that I developed, during my 9 summers in Maine, but it... Read moreChevron

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Dr. Fran Cogen

Dr. Fran Cogen, Health Pro

Director, Child/Adolescent Diabetes Program at Children's Nat'l

How Is Type 1 Diabetes Affected, The Higher Up You Go?

Having a condition like diabetes shouldn't stop you from pursuing high altitude activities. What exactly can we take away from the scientific literature surrounding this topic?


A recent review paper published in Diabetes Care 2014; 37: 2404-2413Read moreChevron

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David Mendosa

David Mendosa, Health Guide

Medical Journalist Living with Diabetes and Author of Fitness and Photography for Fun,

Low-Carb Diets and Diabetes: What They Are and Why We Need Them

More and more doctors and researchers have begun to see the wisdom of our following a low-carb diet. But what are its advantages for those of us who have diabetes and what does low-carb mean anyway?


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Gretchen Becker

Gretchen Becker, Health Guide

Author, Humorist,

What To Eat For Breakfast With Type 2 Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and especially when you go on a low-carbohydrate diet, choosing a breakfast that won’t make your blood glucose levels go high is difficult at first.


That’s because most typical American breakfasts are loaded with carbs with very little protein and fat to slow the... Read moreChevron

Dr. Bill Quick

Dr. Bill Quick, Health Pro

Physician who is living with diabetes; editor of

How Often Should You Check Control Solutions for Blood Glucose Meters?

I'm out of control solutions for both my blood glucose meters. And I must admit, I haven't thought about control solutions (which I'll abbreviate as CSs) for at least a year, ever since I received my most recent meter, and dutifully ran the CS on it to verify that the device was working within specs. It was. And I quit doing CS testing then and... Read moreChevron

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