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David Mendosa

David Mendosa, Health Guide

Medical Journalist Living with Diabetes and Author of Fitness and Photography for Fun,

Drink Camel Milk for Diabetes Control

Camel milk has a great taste. But that’s not why Americans are beginning to drink it.

People with diabetes are drinking it to help us reduce our blood sugar and to reduce the amount of insulin we have to take. Camel milk is one of those rare functional foods that helps us manage our diabetes better.

Camel milk... Read moreChevron

Gretchen Becker

Gretchen Becker, Health Guide

Author, Humorist,

Why Do We Eat?

In my previous post, I commented on the fact that my cravings seem to have changed since my diabetes diagnosis 18 years ago. Several people said they haven't seen the changes I've seen, so I've been thinking more about this, and I think that... Read moreChevron

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Gretchen Becker

Gretchen Becker, Health Guide

Author, Humorist,

Craving Vegetables; How Tastes Change

My local Coop recently sent out a newsletter that included a picture of some roasted vegetables. My mouth started watering.


Then I thought a bit. Has my diet changed so much that I now crave vegetables, or was I just hungry? So I tried some photographs of other foods.


Hamburger and fries. Ho hum.... Read moreChevron

Yumhee Park

Best Fall Foods to Manage Your Diabetes (INFOGRAPHIC)

What are some of your favorite fall foods?



(Click to enlarge)

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Monica Cohee

Monica Cohee, Community Member

I have had T2 since 1991

Weight Loss Journey

Life is challenging and it’s been awhile since I wrote a sharepost. I have always been inspired by David Mendosa, he is my superhero! I have followed David for years since we are diabetics. He got the secret to Byetta when he went on maintenance but I didn't.  You say there is a secret? Well not really! Let me explain what never sank... Read moreChevron

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