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Feeling very thirsty all the time and going to the bathroom frequently are the most common signs of diabetes. If your cells can't get glucose to turn into energy, you may be hungry all the time as well. You may feel tired all the time for the same reason. Finally, your vision may be blurry and you might feel tingling in your hands and feet. Having too much sugar in your blood can cause nerve damage.

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Guys named Ed probably don't feel honored to have one of the most devastating complications of diabetes named after then. But erectile dysfunction -- or just ED for short -- is both personally ego-destroying and all too common. At least they don't say nowadays that ED is the same as impotence.From 15 million to 30 million American men suffer…

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David Mendosa, Health Guide, answered can diabetes cause seizures Yes, it can. It can happen when someone with diabetes has a severely low blood glucose level…


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David Mendosa, Health Guide, answered my father is 70 yrs, he was little… Your father might have very high -- or very low -- blood sugar. You can test…


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David Mendosa, Health Guide, answered Maple syrup odor a symptom of diabetes? My first thought is that your boyfriend might have diabetic ketoacidosis, which…


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Gretchen Becker, Health Guide, commented on So, Your Spouse Has Just Been Diagnosed… Yes. It sounds like a difficult situation. Let us know.




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