Friday, July 31, 2015

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Living with diabetes takes special care and management,  but it's not impossible. Healthy eating, exercise, testing blood sugars, and medication compliancy are all important steps to healthy living with diabetes. 

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Apps for your phone

Smart phone technology can help you control your diabetes. Applications for your Blackberry or iPhone provide a convenient…

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Costs & Insurance

The costs of medications and glucose testing supplies are expensive without health insurance. Many assistance programs give discounted medication to low-income diabetics. The…

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Hitting the gym may be as important as monitoring your glucose levels. Scientists have found that aerobic and strength exercises improve A1c levels in your blood. Adopting a…

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Helping Diabetics Near You

From ADA (American Diabetes Association) to NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases), health organizations are a goldmine for information and…

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A healthy diet will keep your diabetes under control. What you eat affects your glucose levels. Try cutting fat and sodium, add more fiber, and closely watch your carb intake.

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New Treatments

New research and clinical trials are making way for new treatments and therapies for an improved quality of life for diabetics. New medications on the horizon could make your…

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Maintaining a healthy lifetyle is important for managing diabetes, which includes a healthy low-carb diet.  Recipes and cookbooks can be tweaked to be appropriate for a…

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Having diabetes can impact your relationships with your friends and family, and it's important to keep some basic principles…

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Setting Goals

Setting dietary and exercise goals is important for people with diabetes. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you achieve your diabetes management goals as well. For…

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Traveling with diabetes can take a little extra planning, but it is relatively easy if you take the right precautions. Make sure to read up on airport security procedures for…

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The iPhone has become the darling of the mobile world since it came out. It became even more popular as third-party applications started becoming available to iPhone users. Healthcare was one of the areas where apps were developed and diabetes…