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Blood Meters

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Monitoring your blood sugar levels is essential to diabetes management. Testing sugar levels helps determine when to eat, exercise, and take medications. With glucose meters, you can keep track of your glucose from anywhere.

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The usual problem with using one of our fingertips to check our blood sugar is that it hurts. Our fingertips need to have lots of nerve endings because we use our fingers as fine sensing devices. That’s why people with diabetes got excited about using alternative test sites about 15 years ago when blood glucose meters that require just 1…

Blood Meters
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David Mendosa, Health Guide, answered Why do blood sugar meters give… You ask an excellent question about an issue that has vexed me for years and…


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ppatel312, Community Member, asked Why do blood sugar meters give… When I check my blood sugar in the morning before breakfast with two different…


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David Mendosa, Health Guide, answered Pricking tool for testing blood sugar Thank you so much for being so alert to this danger. It is a real danger of…


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bds, Community Member, asked Pricking tool for testing blood sugar I how someone who has diabetes. After pricking his finger to check his blood sugar…


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