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Insulin & Pumps

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Insulin pumps deliver rapid-acting insulin all day through a catheter placed under your skin. Using a pump means you have more flexibility with your meal schedule. However, pumps, cartridges, and infusion sets are more expensive than syringes used for insulin injection.

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When I first got my insulin pump 7 years ago, the only pump company I had ever heard of was Medtronic Minimed. Back then I didn’t do as much research about products because I was new and didn't really have the experience I do now, and just trusted my diabetes care team to help me make the right decisions. Now, there are about 6 different…

Insulin & Pumps
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Nikki Cagle, Editor, answered What was the story about Humalog insulin Hi Teresa, thank you for your question! One of our Diabetes Expert addresses…


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Ann Bartlett, Health Guide, commented on Implantable Pumps in Diabetes… Happy New Year Gretchen! The insulin in an IP is delivered very similar to an…




mrs. type1, Community Member, asked Okay so im all out of insulin because I… Should I take 3 yr ol insulin?


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Teresa, Community Member, asked What was the story about Humalog insulin I use humalog insulin in my pump is there something better?


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