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Friday, August 07, 2009 Jo Ann Salwei, Community Member, asks

Q: What is considered pre-diabetic as far as a fasting Blood sugar number?

I have a 105 after fasting.  How dangerous is this?  by the way, my father, and both my paternal grandmother and grandfather had diabetes.

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Dr. Bill Quick, Health Pro
4/ 6/12 9:14am

Please see my discussion, Questions about prediabetes
Hope this helps!
William W. Quick, MD, FACP, FACE
Editor, D-is-for-Diabetes

terri, Community Member
8/ 7/09 11:38am

Hi :-)


105 is not dangerous, however, I believe you also need to know what your blood sugar result is a couple hours after eating a normal meal.   Both these numbers are important in determining your level of risk.   In addition, you need to ask your Dr. to do an A1C test.  This will determine your average blood glucose level over an extended period of time.  Diabetes is like anything else.  Learn everything you can and you have the power to put up an intelligent fight.  If you do develop the disease, ask your primary care Dr. for a referral to the best Endocrinologist in your area.  (It has been my experience that primary care physicians do not have the latest medical data and information on new treatments, studies, etc.)    Hope this helps.


Good luck to you, Jo Ann

DonnainME, Community Member
8/13/09 3:07pm

I agree somewhat with the other answer.  105 fasting is not that bad - goal is 95 or below.  Also 2 hours after meals goal should be 130 or below.  That 2 hours after is from the beginning of the meal - so if you START eating at 6pm, then you would test at 8pm. 

Diane Leader, Community Member
8/13/09 6:34pm

Dont know what im supposed to write here.


Diane Leader, Community Member
8/13/09 6:40pm

Got it.  I was just interested in answer and thought I had to comment to log in.  Thanks for your answer.  I am starting a new job and 3 of pts. have diabetes. Im a nurse but very rusty on this topic and totally rusty on any new stuff. 

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