• mary waters mary waters
    September 07, 2008
    my fasting blood glucose level is 128 mg/dl what should i do
    mary waters mary waters
    September 07, 2008
    just 3 months ago it was 77 READ MORE


  • Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    September 08, 2008
    Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    September 07, 2008


    Hello! I am a  Diabetic also and my fasting blood sugar levels had always been in the 80-90 range, until one day I started having 110-145. I talked to my Endo and a few friends, I was experiencing the Dawn Phenomenon.  Dawn phenomenon refers to an increase in basal insulin needs in the early morning hours.  It is caused by the increased production of certain hormones (growth hormone, cortisol) during this time. might want to read David Mendoza's taming the Dawn Phenomenon (click the highlighted). It's can be a little frustrating at times but you can get it under control. 

    Good Luck


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