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  • frankenduf May 19, 2009
    May 19, 2009

    it's very likely that you have diabetes, especially if anyone in your family has it- the next step would be to check your blood sugar, both fasting and 2 hours after a meal- if fasting is high, you have diabetes- if after a meal is high, you need to start eating less CHO- best you can do, even if you don't have DM, is to lose some weight- this will bring down your A1C

    • rj13
      May 21, 2009
      May 21, 2009

      I had an a1c of 6.3%. My doctor didn't think I was diabetic, but my fasting glucose was 164 mg/dl, so I was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic.


      Luckily for me, my wife had bought a book titled "Death to Diabetes", and within 3 months, my a1c was below 6% at 5.5%, but I'm trying to get it lower.


      My wife focused on salads, soups, no processed foods, lots of raw juicing, and exercise twice a day.




    • S T White
      August 11, 2009
      S T White
      August 11, 2009

      Just yesterday my doctor informed me that my A1c was 6.3.  None of my doctors have yet actually said I am diabetic.  I have started an exercise program because I have been quite inactive.  I need to get a handle on this as both of my parents are Type II diabetics and two of my sisters as well.  This is a problem that runs in my immediate and extended family.  I am bit bewildered at this because I have talked to other people who have been told they were diabetic with the same A1c levels I have shown but my doctor (and I asked her) basically is saying just to lose weight and watch it for awhile.  Do I need to request a fasting blood sugar.  When I get regular non fasting glucose I am told it is within range???

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