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Thursday, October 30, 2008 kim1259, Community Member, asks

Q: What is the best medication for type 2 diabetes? I have been struggling with it for several years

I have been struggling with my diabetes for many years. I have tried several different meds. I have even added bitter melon pills to my meds intake but I can't seem to control it no matter what.I am still having problems knowing what I can & can't eat. The doc's where I live just can't or don't HAVE TIME TO SIT & TALK ABOUT IT... does anyone have any suggestions on a site that might help or even a good med that work's for you?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Laughing

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Cherise Nicole, Health Guide
10/30/08 11:22pm



Hello! before I started using insulin, I was on glipizide and medtformin. They worked great for me but when my pancreas stopped producing, I was switched to insulin 24/7; I am Type 1.5/LADA.  

There are a few things about diabetic med's.  What works for others may not work for you.  When you go to your next appointment make time to talk to your physician about the different medications that are on the market that may be beneficial to you. We all are fighting diabetes but our bodies react differently to treatment.  You mention that your medication isn't working...have you changed your diet? when was the last time you had labs done? you may need to have some done if nothing has changed. This best answer is to talk to your physician.  



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frankenduf, Community Member
10/30/08 12:13pm

I would say metformin is the best (byetta is good, but it may increase risk of pancreatitis)- this is because it helps you lose weight.  Most type II diabetes gets worse with age, since most people gain weight as they get older.


If you have lost weight, then insulin is the best med, but again, it can cause weight gain.


You can, of course eat any food, but limiting carbohydrate foods is paramount- soda and juice probably are the most 'evil' foods for diabetics

gimashar, Community Member
10/30/08 2:07pm

Hi-I've been fighting the battle for only two and a half years but have been on Metformin for the duration.  I have lost 30 lbs since I first started and my A1C has gone from13.9  (aaaggghhh) to 6.4.  I don't watch my diet as well as I should but were I 30 instead of 70, that may have been different too.

I have had no problems with Metformin-other than some stinky gas, but what the heck, late research has said that is good for you too! 

Good Luck with finding the medication that is right for you-in the meantime, work to take off some weight-that definitely helps, and enjoy this great life!


andrew, Community Member
12/ 2/08 12:55am

YMMV – Your mileage may vary. I alternate between metformin and bitter melon pills and they are great with some exercise and a moderate carbs diet. My fasting levels are usually around 5.5.


Of course when I eat too much, the medication is of no help, so the pills must go with a sensible diet... May be a good idea to keep a journal so you know when you spike and when you don't. Then, by elimination, you will come to the best medication/diet combination for you.


In a worst case scenario, you have to check whether you have progressed to type 1.


Good luck.

Jerry, Community Member
1/ 8/09 7:40pm

Iwould like to know also.

topcat, Community Member
7/21/09 6:26am

gluvance 5/500.ask your doctor.please. 

espei, Community Member
12/17/10 11:55pm

Went to a latin store called Vallarta and bought a big white bottle of Aleo Vero with (Nopal) Cactus Jell healing plant that work really well.


I also went to GNC and bought a Carbohydrate Blocker and a suger blocker I lost 40 within months.

Anna, Community Member
7/23/12 12:59am

I bought sugarblocker by PharmaPure but I have not started it yet. Are you taking the sugar blocker along with metformin or any other diabetic medication?

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