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Sunday, June 21, 2009 flyboy, Community Member, asks

Q: what is the difference between humalog and novolog?

can a person who is taking humalog substitute with novolog useing the same instructions for taking the humalog?  inn other words if a perswon is on a trip and runs out of humalog can that person sustitute the novolog for a short period of time until the can get back to see their doctor or renew their prescription.

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frankenduf, Community Member
6/24/09 3:25pm

absolutely, if you've taken them both before (inotherwords, you're not allergic to novolog)- functionally, they are equivalent- either way, it's best to check your postprandial anyway- good luck, and now that i think of it, why not just use the cheaper of the 2? :)

tangusr, Community Member
6/25/09 11:23am

depends, i take (3) doses of humalog daily and i'm on medicare. after reaching the donut portion of my insurance i've switched to (and could only afford) novolin. I've found that the novolin isn't as strong as the humalog and i have to use more the reach desired insulin numbers. but the price is still less for a month's treatment. my doctor wants me to use only humalog???

Winnie, Community Member
10/ 1/10 7:53am

Novolin and novolog are very different, so it is not surprising that Novolin worked differently.  Novolin is not substitutable for Humalog or Novolog.  Your prescriber can change it, but the dosage must be adjusted.

MSB, Community Member
6/23/12 6:04pm

Are you a doctor?  Only a healthcare professional can safely anwer this question.  So unless you have checked this out with your healthcare professional or you are a heathcare professional, I would not recommend substituting Humalog and Novalog insulin.

frankenduf, Community Member
6/25/12 9:03am

i am a healthcare professional, and stand by my answer as safe and accurate- i do, however, agree that going to an endocrinologist will more likely result in a more rigorous discussion of the difference between nonvolog and humalog

joel miot, Community Member
1/17/11 3:14pm

my insurance company will not pay for novolog any more. can I use humolog instead?

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