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Thursday, April 01, 2010 cleo, Community Member, asks

Q: I have unbearable itchy feet, no symtoms of anything, especially when I am relaxed or sleep

My feet itch so bad that when I scratch them they turn red and sometimes they feel raw, and the itching still won't stop. After a period of time itching they actually start tickling. I have tryed spray, powder, oils, pedicures and nothing helps. It is soooo bad when I sleep, Im up allnight walking, rubbing my feet and shacking my legs. Now I am staring to take medicines to make me ignore it and fall asleep (alieve and sleeping pills). Do anyone else go through this and do it have a name so I can get help?

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clh71, Community Member
7/29/13 11:54am

I developed that same thing a couple years ago. Then it went on to include my hands and inner ear at times. As the the months went by, I noticed my skin was sensitive to any friction or pressure. It would turn red and swell in the affected spots. Then I started to get what I call "hot spots". I would get a burning spot about the size of a 50 cent piece, for a matter of minutes and then it would be gone. It would pop up in various places on my body through out the day.

Anyway, I finally went to my physician and an Allergist/Immunologist and ended up w/ a battery of bloodtests. The only thing that was found is that I have an internal allergy to something. Period. That's it. No idea what it is and it could be thousands upon thousands of variations of things. Including stress.

So I have been taking a Zyrtec a day, Tagamet twice a day (it's a stomach med but it also has mild anti histamine effects), and then Effexor to calm any anxiety. As long as I don't forget to take the Tagamet and Zyrtec daily, the itching, hot spots, and welts on my skin have subsided and I can sleep at night. I try not to think about being on this regiment for the rest of my life. But there is that possibility.....

clh71, Community Member
7/29/13 11:55am

I also found that wearing tight socks while I slept helped considerably. Odd, I know. But it helped me. Good luck!

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