• ejoiner2 ejoiner2
    March 04, 2009
    What can I do about my tingling feet?
    ejoiner2 ejoiner2
    March 04, 2009

    I'm new to Type 2 diabetes, and I am watching my food, sugars, and exercising, but I am having real problems with tingling and numbness in my feet. The pain is worse at night and I can't get a full night's sleep. Can anyone help?




  • PaulTex March 04, 2009
    March 04, 2009
    Hello EJ. What you have probably is called Peripheral Neuropathy. You may have just been diagnosed with DM but Neuropathy doesn't usually start in the early phase so I would suspect you have gone some time without treatment and with bad effects starting to accumulate already (I would definitely have my eyes checked by an Opthamologist (MD) for Retinopathy. I have had DM for 15 years and just recently started having numbness in my feet. There are some medications that do help but the side effects can be daunting. Neurontin is one that has been used for epilepsy and partial seizures and is also sometimes effective for neuralgia. I remember when my father took it years ago for neuropathy and it was a nightmare as it causes so much drowsiness to the point where he got unsteady and slept most of the time. I would venture to say that in my opinion Elavil, a drug used for Antidepression would be the first choice for myself. It is said to be pretty effective for the pain and it makes you drowsy but just enough usually to get a good nights sleep. I resist resorting to it as the pain and discomfort are still not bad enough to put up with the side effects, one of which is Postural hypotension or dizziness upon standing (and bending over) and I just hate to be dizzy at all! Irregardless I have had patients with this problem and they have definitely benefitted from Elavil and other Tricyclic Antidepressants. Fall risks with these medications can be high but they are tried and true and not only help with depression but have been found to be one of the best treatments for peripheral neuropathy. There may be something newer out there that I am unaware of but be sure to talk to your doctor about it. One of the best things we can all do to combat the onset and lessen the seriousness of it is to WALK everyday around the block or more if you can manage it. Get a dog and get out for that walk - big dogs are my preference and provide such good companionship. The Cold feet part of the neuropathy is also something I battle with but not so much in South Texas as many who live in colder climes. Sensation is reduced so electric hot pads which sometimes get too hot are a high risk since you can get burned and not feel it until too late. Hot water bottles are good (test the temp with your elbow). There are special circulating hot water pads (like a "K-pad") that are probably the best but are somewhat expensive. Our feet get cold due to the poor circulation of blood in our extremities and it is important to always wear warm socks and houseshoes to keep our feet warm especially right before bed. I like a bed warmer and will use my hotpad to warm the area where my feet will go before I go to bed. One of those beanbag Microwavable heating things can work well for this but be careful as they can also get too hot - but they can be great for the bed - then remove them shortly before you climb in. There is a Peripheral Neuropathy Association available and they probably can offer additional suggestions. Keep safe. READ MORE
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