• Thomas Heary Thomas Heary
    August 06, 2008
    Am I a pre-diabetic with a fasting glucose of 99?
    Thomas Heary Thomas Heary
    August 06, 2008

    In April of 2007 I had a routine physical and my fasting blood glucose reading was 99. In October of the same year, being the hypocondriac that I am, I went to an endocrynologist for a 2nd opinion. The Doc administered an A1C test and the results came back with a reading of 5.0%. Are these two numbers incompatible? I bought a home glucose monitor and check in the morning. Sometimes after waking in the morning my reading is 102, 101, etc. When I come home from the gym after work the reading is 88, 92, 96 etc. I am very in-shape, work out aerobically and with weights. My parents are in their 80's and are not diabetic nor are any of my 3 siblings (all older) nor were my grandparents diabetics. Am I just a worry wart? I just don't like the thought that my fasting number is so very close to the upper limit of the normal persons fasting glucose.

    Shouldn't my fasting glucose be around 80?




  • biily August 08, 2008
    August 08, 2008
    Hey Thomas, being a medical engineer made me a hypochondriac. Aside from this, we are very much alike – exercise, very light for my height, healthy lifestyle, fasting in the 90/99 range and an A1C 5.0/5.1. 1. Fasting analysis - <6.0 is normal (good for long term damage analysis). The best advice that I can give you is to go through a glucose tolerance test. Of all of the tests that you go through, this is the litmus test for pre-diabetes. This will give you your answer. Having all of the same numbers as you do wasn’t good enough for me because I began to experience neuropathy. It wasn’t until a glucose tolerance was performed that they realized that I had a diabetic issue. Thx for listening, bill READ MORE
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