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Wednesday, August 06, 2008 Thomas Heary, Community Member, asks

Q: Am I a pre-diabetic with a fasting glucose of 99?

In April of 2007 I had a routine physical and my fasting blood glucose reading was 99. In October of the same year, being the hypocondriac that I am, I went to an endocrynologist for a 2nd opinion. The Doc administered an A1C test and the results came back with a reading of 5.0%. Are these two numbers incompatible? I bought a home glucose monitor and check in the morning. Sometimes after waking in the morning my reading is 102, 101, etc. When I come home from the gym after work the reading is 88, 92, 96 etc. I am very in-shape, work out aerobically and with weights. My parents are in their 80's and are not diabetic nor are any of my 3 siblings (all older) nor were my grandparents diabetics. Am I just a worry wart? I just don't like the thought that my fasting number is so very close to the upper limit of the normal persons fasting glucose.

Shouldn't my fasting glucose be around 80?

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Vicki M, Health Guide
8/ 7/08 12:40pm

Hi Thomas Henry.


You're a worry wart :)


Your numbers are good. Your numbers are the numbers I wish I had! Your A1C is well below the suggested normal being <6. You don't appear to have any of the risk factors, and you live a healthy lifestyle. I think you're ok! But don't take my word for it. If you are really concerned that your numbers might be off, do call your doctor to voice your concerns. Online sites are great places to harvest the information you need to ask all the right questions, but they can not take the place of your doctor's solid medical advice and care.


Here is some information about diabetes just in case you want to read up on it.


There is a great overview about diabetes here. You can read about the symptoms that indicate possible diabetes, possible causes and risk factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes, the medications generally prescribed for diabetics, tips about lifestyle changes and diet and exercise that can help, and treatments currently being used.


Good luck and stay in touch!

Vicki M

biily, Community Member
8/ 8/08 11:59am
Hey Thomas, being a medical engineer made me a hypochondriac. Aside from this, we are very much alike – exercise, very light for my height, healthy lifestyle, fasting in the 90/99 range and an A1C 5.0/5.1. 1. Fasting analysis - <6.0 is normal (good for long term damage analysis). The best advice that I can give you is to go through a glucose tolerance test. Of all of the tests that you go through, this is the litmus test for pre-diabetes. This will give you your answer. Having all of the same numbers as you do wasn’t good enough for me because I began to experience neuropathy. It wasn’t until a glucose tolerance was performed that they realized that I had a diabetic issue. Thx for listening, bill Reply
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