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Thursday, October 09, 2008 MaryAnn, Community Member, asks

Q: Hi. Does anyone else get palpitations as a warning sign of blood sugar fluctuations? They are driv

I have always had palpitations (missed beats, on and on).  I have been checked out and I am fine (though I have type 1 29 years).  I am just recently forging a connection between the heart and when my bs fluctuates.  Anyone else?  Or is it totally hormonal :) tx


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Cherise Nicole, Health Guide
10/ 9/08 11:32pm



Hello! Low blood sugar can cause heart palpitations and it is a warning sign of low blood sugar.  Have you talked to your physician? maybe he or she can recommend something for you.  Do you carry any food or glucose tablets with you? If not you should. Do you start shaking or anything before yo get the heart palpitations? 



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Melissa, Community Member
10/10/08 4:05am

My sugar plummets and I have the same thing, only 111 here and sugar off the chart

Yami, Community Member
10/30/08 12:54pm

Hi, I'm a type 2 and have been for the past 10 + years - and I do suffer from heart palpitations if it goes too low - for instance under 70 or high - over 200


I also get major headaches and get shivers when low... so - you are not alone.

And I do have heart problems - but this effect is caused from the sugar drops or spikes!


Coleen, Community Member
10/31/08 2:41am

I, too, have Type 1. I always suffer from heart palpitations, headaches, shaking, and sweating when my blood sugar is low. As soon as the symptoms start, I test my sugar reading, then I eat yogurt, or fruit, or take a glucose tablet. I carry these with me at all times.

 In a nutshell, you are not alone. These symptoms drive me crazy, too.

HealthNut, Community Member
6/ 9/09 1:42pm

I too Have heart palpitations and went to the doctor got tests, cardiologist and my heart is in excellent condition. I have been researching and I notice i get the heart palpitations when my blood sugar is lower and I havent eaten properly. Its really scary and annoying to get them constantly. I have had low blood sugar problems since I was a teenager. I am now 29. Is this common to get with the LBS? How do I stop the palpitations? Are they dangerous?

Priya, Community Member
9/16/09 9:46am

Have something to eat or drink immediately,the palpitations will go away.It is not dangerous as long as it is taken care of.This is common with LBS

joe, Community Member
11/ 1/09 6:44pm

Type 2 and my breathing becomes difficult when my surgar spikes

Josko, Community Member
1/28/10 4:03pm

Have Type 2 for 30 years. Did not start havinh palpitations till put on Lantus. My BS then are usually 70 or less. I also get very nasty. Have learned to take glucose tablets and/or sugary foods ASAp and it all goes away.

emily, Community Member
11/ 9/10 1:09am

I have palpitations i started taking 400mg of Magnesium and no more palpitations.....

JOY, Community Member
11/21/10 12:51pm

I have had Type 2 for 20 years and have not been diligent until recently.  Years ago  I thought it was my heart and they found nothing wrong.  Then I was diagnosed with type 2.  Recently I have been keeping track of bs and food etc.  I get palpitations when my bs peaks and starts to   go down.  However I never have low blood sugar.  It's the fluctuations.  I am in the process of adjusting my meds.  I was put on Victoza but could not take it.  Headache, nausea and  bad palps  all night, but bs was not low.  I am going crazy.  I guess it's my own fault for denying for so long.

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