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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 G-Man, Community Member, asks

Q: High A1C - moderate average sugar tests???

On Jan. 4th of this year, I underwent a heart bypass. At this point I am recovering better than my doctors expected.


My questions is associated with notice from the hospital staff that I was diabetic and that my A1C level was at 10.2% post op.


I was shocked upon leaning this and since discharge have been monitoring my sugar levels daily, coupled with Metformin twice a day.


My average sugar level over the past 30 days ,(all data points), averages at 138, over 14 days at 125, and over 7 days at 121.


I have no known family history of diabetes. This is all new to me and am trying to understand and learn more about this.


My understanding is that a mathematical relationship exists between average glucose level and A1C.


A1C value, in percent, times 28.7, minus 46.7 = an "estimated" average blood glucose level in milligrams per deciliter.


Based on what I have read some degree of variance should be expected. But I would think that this would "get you in the ballpark".


Working backwards from my averages to obtain a "ballpark A1C" - I get 6.4%; 6.0% and 5.8% .


I do realize that I need more data. The 30 day average is based on 94 samplings


I just don't understand how I could be running at 10.2% post op, and have averages over 30 days to reflect and estimated A1C of 6.4%.


Can anyone shed some light on how a 30 day average at 138 mg/dl reflects a 10.2% A1C?


Thanks - G-Man

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Charlotte Durma Jone, Community Member
11/ 3/11 8:31pm

Hello.   I don't know how much light I can shed, but I can tell you my A1C story.   For the last 3 bloodtests fror A1C, I have come in at 6.  I understand 7 is a definite for diabetes.   Anyway, my doctor's advice at this time is to watch what I eat, no "white things" (flour, bread, pasta) and smaller portions.  It's hard when you're hungry.


My doctor explained my 6 number from the A1C test as......With his hand he placed it at my shoulder height stating this is the lowest.  Then he placed his hand at the top of my head and said "this would be diabetes for sure.  Then he put his hand on my forehead stating that this is where I am.   So the 6 result in my test is telling me that I better watch what I eat and try to get the number down.  


It's so hard for me to diet in any form.   Any comments from anyone else???


Charlotte in Arizona

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