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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Mike, Community Member, asks

Q: What is a good daily carb count for type 2 diabetes

I do understand about choosing good carbs, I just need to know how many.

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vas707, Community Member
2/12/10 7:45am

When I was first diagnosed my Dr. had me go to Diabetes Education and was told after review that I should do 45 for each meal and three 15 carb snacks a day.  That is 180 a day which seems a lot but it helped me get mine down to 7 and I am working to go lower so think I will try to do lesscarbs.  I also have dawn syndrome and was 168 this morning but it will drop.  I just don't like those high readingss in the morning.  Do you ever get over dawn syndrome?  I checked the other morning at 3:00 AM and was 128 and then at 5:30 AM was 177.  Have been in 160's and 170's most mornings.

Ronnie, Community Member
6/30/11 7:21am

I am having the same problem no matter what I eat at night yet during the day the numbers are normal.    It is very frustrating & I don't know what else to do.   I exercise & try my best.     A1C is 7 to 8.

missmymuffin, Community Member
2/11/10 10:03am

There is no one good number that fits evryone, you have to find what works for you. I keep my carbs to under 100g per day and make sure I spread them out throughout the day .... works out to about 20-25g per meal and rest on snacks. The diabetes cite called has really good info and tools for all this. Click on their healthy eating button and it will take you to different sections of articles and stuff on how to eat with diabetes.

JJ man, Community Member
2/11/10 1:04pm

There are lots of variables; Your body, metabolism, what your doing (exercising?), what  you are feeling, sick?, and what the carb is, fat contain of the meal, etc.  I tried to follow the Dr Bernstein's diet and it ready help me to stabilize my glucose reading and lose weight. In a nut shell - 6 carbs for breakfast (drawn effect so less carbs for breakfast), 12 for lunch, and 12 for dinner, and if you need a snack no more that 12 carbs. The snack has to spread out from a meal. This is tuff to follow, but not impossible. My blood glucose readings were very good and my A1C was 5.1. I was also losing weight. My doctor removed my diabetes medication, and reduced my blood pressure meds. My lipids looked better.  After 3 months with no diabetes meds my AC1 5.3.  But I was having a hard time following this diet because I was getting bored with the limited food choices. So I started adding a few carbs/foods and monitoring my glucose levels after eating.  I now have 8 carbs for breakfast, 24-36 for lunch depending on what it is, and if I exercised that morning before lunch. For dinner my 4:00pm glucose reading helps determine the number of carbs for dinner (usually 15-24 grams).  My last AC1 was 5.3. I no longer on blood pressure meds. My lipid profile is good. I lost 60 lbs in 12 months and still slowing losing (10-20 lbs more to go). 

char, Community Member
2/11/10 7:13pm

I attended a Diabetes Education Class when I was diagnosed several years ago.  This is the information I was given:  40-45 grams for three meals a day plus two 20 gram snacks.  I actually lost weight when I kept my grams to these numbers.



Larry007, Community Member
6/30/11 10:49pm

i used to follow the 45 per meal and three 15 snacks and my sugars were all over the page.  i dropped my total carb intake to less than 50 per day and dropped my bgs down to an avg 107 in just 15 days.  i am not starving.  i noticed the first couple days a high carb craving but it diminished after that.  i understand we get "addicted" to carbs somehow because of the wheat proteins in them and have to detox to get away from them.  good luck with your reduction.  since just june 1 2011 i have lost 17 pounds low carbing.

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