• Healthysuze Healthysuze
    July 18, 2014
    Do swollen feet and ankles necessarily accompany diabetes? My husband's blood sugar is very much in control, but he has bruising between knees and ankles, and lately the swelling.
    Healthysuze Healthysuze
    July 18, 2014

    The discoloration (bruises?) occurred before his blood sugar was in control and the swelling has happened about a year later.  Does the swelling generally accompany the discoloration?



  • Dr. Bill Quick
    Health Pro
    July 25, 2014
    Dr. Bill Quick
    Health Pro
    July 25, 2014

    Swelling (fluid retention or edema) of the feet and ankles is not directly related to diabetes, although it might be related to some diabetes complications (heart and kidneys come to mind). Discoloration/bruises are hard to explain as related to the swelling and should be diagnosed in person by your husband's physician.

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    William W. Quick, MD, FACP, FACE

    Editor, D-is-for-Diabetes.com


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