January 29, 2009
    glucose tolerance test
    January 29, 2009

    recently a new doctor expressed concern that my last few blood tests had a higher than normal range which was an indication of diabetes... Was given a glucose tolerance test and pre- sugar drinks levels were high and indicated, however the 2hrly blood test showed levels had dropped considerably to being very low... will have to repeat tests, some people are saying glucose intolerance? could you please explain why my readings should differ so, and what it may mean.... my doctor has  now relocated and have to find another one so would like to have some info to tell the new one...many thanx



  • Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    January 29, 2009
    Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    January 29, 2009



    Hello! I am not a physician but with the number's you have I would say your a diabetic. I would find a new physician, take the labwork with you and he can tell you what is going on. Your fasting should be a least under 110 and 2 hour after meal should be under 180 (if your a diabetic).  Please keep us posted.  I will keep you in my thoughts. If you do have diabetes, it's managable and you can live with it.  If you have anymore questions let me know.



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