• gretchdb gretchdb
    May 01, 2008
    Effect on moods and personalty with high blood sugar
    gretchdb gretchdb
    May 01, 2008

    I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 and was told it can be controlled with diet and exercise.  I am about 80lbs overweight.  I had been following a healthy diet over a week and yesterday went off the wagon with lots of bad carbs....in the evening i felt like I had ADD and couldn't concentrate and had crazy feelings and was saying things that I thought were funny and others thought I was drunk....Could this have been a side effect of eating all those carbs??  I also take a high blood pressure pill and an anti-depressant

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  • Willyblues May 02, 2008
    May 02, 2008

    Warning I am not a doctor, but have been living with type 2 since 1974, so I can only tell you things that I been through! When my BG went high, or low, I'd, sometimes, scream and curse my Mom, sister, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors and anybody else around! It wasn't always and I never remembered the next day, and it had no cause anybody was aware of! I've always been "brittle" meaning the BG varied widely, in my first 20, maybe, years I could tell you, within 50 - 100 points, what my sugar was! But lately that has been lost, i.e. I feel the same if my glucose is 19 or 750 plus! And it has been both in the same week! But on other days I've felt symptoms when it wasn't so bad! This disease is truly weird! Good luck to you!

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