• frankenduf January 26, 2011
    January 26, 2011

    the answer is in the etymology: diabetes is greek for peeing alot, and mellitus is greek for sweet- so, DM means u pee alot of sweet urine- this is how the old school docs would diagnose DM (before blood testing and urine ketones)- basically, when ur sugar gets high enough, ur kidney can't process it, and some sugar spills out into the urine- and since sugar absorbs water, more water is passed out in the urine, making u thirsty and likely hungry 2 (although Ann is right- alot of diabetics lose weight as their pre-diagnosis sugars are running high- probably burning up muscle/fat as all that fuel (sugar) is wasted via the urine)- this is why anyone who pees/drinks alot (especially @ night) should get a blood sugar test

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