• lduggins lduggins
    December 03, 2008
    blood sugar reading
    lduggins lduggins
    December 03, 2008

    When I check my blood sugar reading two hours after a meal and its range from 150-180 and then three hours later it jumps up to 300. My question is why I would be getting higher readings three-four after a meal than I did at two hours. Les



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  • frankenduf December 03, 2008
    December 03, 2008

    my guess would be liver glycogen


    normally between meals, the liver pumps out glucose enough to feed the hungry brain- but in diabetes, the liver may pump out too much glucose, due to lack of feedback (hormonal resistance)


    this is why metformin works well- it increases insulin sensitivity of the liver, so that diabetics do not get an inappropraite surge of glucose from their liver glycogen (in addition to what they eat)


    unfortunately, you may need insulin to control your sugar, as a high sugar when not eating is not 'your fault'-  good luck, and remember- sometimes less is more :)

  • alton1952 September 04, 2009
    September 04, 2009

    i just tested my blood sugart i havent eat since this morning test was 243 now i have eat and the blood sugar has droped to 185 ,i thought when i eat it was to go up not down

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