• izzy izzy
    February 09, 2009
    my son (age 25 and usually healthy) has been craving sugar and has severe loss of energy. What could
    izzy izzy
    February 09, 2009

    My son is 25 and usually in good health. For the past two months, he has developed craving for sugar (sweets) and also has a severe loss of appetite and energy. He has lost a lot of weight as well. What could this be?





  • Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    February 10, 2009
    Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    February 10, 2009



    Hello! Extreme weight loss and craving sweet things sounds....does he go to the bathroom alot? If he has been shedding pounds and eating a lot of sweet things maybe you should get him checked for diabetes.  There isn't anything wrong with preventive measures, plus it's better to know than not to know.  Click here, it will take you to a few symptoms of diabetes.  I wouldn't jump to any conclusion's but I would see if he would visit his Doctor and let the Doc run test.



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