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Tuesday, January 06, 2009 sally, Community Member, asks

Q: what is normal blood sugar level

what is considered a normal blood sugar level and what is borderline diabetic and what is considered high to dangerous

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redgiant, Community Member
5/28/09 6:12pm

Normal, without being diabetic 60 or lower.

 Borderline consistantly having it be over 160.

High to dangerous 155 to 900.

I've seen the lab reports of a man who had diabetes and a heart attack, his blood glucose was 1,120. And he actually lived. Amazing.

ann, Community Member
3/10/09 5:01pm

mine is 108, so where do i stand

Sharon, Community Member
5/ 4/09 10:38am

what is a normal blood sugar level,  I don't know but would love to know.

Eli Allen, Community Member
5/ 7/09 3:28pm

I know that when you wake up it should be lower than 105.  Less than 100 is ideal.  After meals it should be under 150 or 155.  When it gets higher than that you may feel hot, feel anxious, and probably feel  very sleepy. 

MaggieA, Community Member
5/13/09 1:09am

When you visit your docotr the next time, ask him or her wheat range he wants you in...mine happens to be ideally between 80-120.....BUT everyone is differnt,

ann maguire, Community Member
5/16/09 6:53pm


ann maguire, Community Member
5/16/09 6:54pm


redgiant, Community Member
5/28/09 6:09pm

Normal, for people without diabetes? Probably in the 60's.

For people with diabetes, 80-120. It's more important to keep it on an even keel than to strive for the very lowest you're capable of. Try to keep it steady at all times. Check it often. Your kidneys will thank you for it.

barbw141fl, Community Member
5/30/09 8:16am

Keeping blood sugar levels between 90 - 100 is superb. At this rate, my 3 month A1C level is less than 6.0 (about 5.7 - 5.8 which is just as good as if I didn't even have diabetes) This is what I aim for so I hopefully will avoid all the nightmares of diabetic related secondary complications - like going blind, amputations of toes, feet or legs etc. I already have rheumatoid arthritis. I DID just hear from my Dr that it's recently been found that everyone who has Type 2 Diabetes ought to be tested for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA appears to possibly be a cause of Type 2 Diabetes) It is already a known cause of high blood pressure.  I know that if your fasting blood sugar is over 100 you;'re diabetic. My sister sees an endocrinologist & is being treated for insulin resist-ance, even though her blood sugar is usually about 80!! So, the figures seem to be consistently lowering, just like the 120 over 80 blood pressure WAS considered perfect & now is believed to be the beginning of hypertension.

nick sehler, Community Member
8/16/09 12:54am


Richard, Community Member
1/ 2/10 12:29pm

I believe I am now at the first level of Diabetic and just looking for as much information as possible.

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