• Gracie October 16, 2008
    October 16, 2008

    Thanks to a statin, my sister is now in a wheelchair with neuropathy. I am sorry it has also happened to you. When I was diagnosed my doctor wanted to put me on one, said a diabetic should take a statin "just in case" I refused then, and will do so again if it's ever brought up. In my opinion ( and that's just what it is, my opinion) no one should take them. 

  • John Wayne April 20, 2010
    John Wayne
    April 20, 2010

    I had a quad heart bypass, heart muscle good, but clogged arties with cholosterol (ph).  Heart Dr., put me on 80 mg Zocor.  Within 2 weeks I had extreme pain in my leg muscles.  Complained to Dr., but he insisted I continue.  8 months later, I am on crutches.  Dr. stated body will get use to the pain.....  Finally went to neurologist, first thing out of his mouth was you are probably taking statins.....  He told me I had a gene that did not get along with statins.  By then, I had developed a serious nerve damage called neuropathy.   I now suffer with numbness in my legs, fingers, and toes, and I do not have diabetes........  My brother took a statin of another make, and he is in a wheel chair.....BEWARE OF THE STATINS.

  • Tammy F February 29, 2012
    Tammy F
    February 29, 2012

    yes!  I took zocor for two years and developed type 2 diabetes and within 4 months i had diabetic neuropathy.  Neurologist said i must have had undetected diabetes for years to develop this neuropathy.  But, I have lab results for two years prior and my blood sugar was fine.  I have constant pain, headaches, memory problems, tremors, central cervical spinal steosis, pain from head to toe, vision problems, blacking out, fatigue, heart PVCs, tendinitis, and many more problems my doctors didnt believe.  now i dont know what to do since FDA now says these problems are a result of zocor.

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