• Simms14 Simms14
    September 21, 2008
    Should I take Actos for prediabetes?
    Simms14 Simms14
    September 21, 2008

    Should I go on Actos for prediabetes?  My blood surgar was 110 on a recent blood test after I have lost 10 pounds and have been on an excercise program before even becoming aware that I have prediabetes.  My doctor thought I should go on Actos.  Is this something that should be done as a way of preventing type 2 diabetes? 




  • frankenduf September 22, 2008
    September 22, 2008

    2 questions: 1- should you take a drug to prevent DM

                      2- which drug

    1: If you have another risk factor, and are trending higher, then I would recommend trying a drug.  Risk factors include a family history of DM, and/or a high sugar after you eat a meal, i.e. over 140 2 hours after.  And since you are losing weight, you could wait @ 3 months and recheck fasting sugar- if trending down, I would hold off on a drug.

    2: If you are at higher risk and trending up, drugs can prevent DM (although can cause other problems...).   If you are relatively young (<40) and very heavy (BMI > 36), I would recommend metformin, unless liver or kidney problems.  If you are not so overweight, actos is good as well, unless you have congestive heart failure.  The difference is that metformin will help you lose weight, but actos does not.


    Overall, actos can help prevent diabetes, but like any drug can cause other problems.  You sound like you are a good patient, so keep up with the diet and exercise.  I would only use a drug if you are doing 'the right stuff', but your numbers don't improve.  Best of luck and remember- we're all prediabetic if we live long enough :)

  • Rosy June 09, 2010
    June 09, 2010


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