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Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Rick, Community Member, asks

Q: will walking help swollen feet

will walking help swollen feet

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Ann Bartlett, Health Guide
8/ 5/09 10:24am

You need to understand why they are swollen.  Is it neuropathy related or may be medication related?  In either case you need to consult your doctor and device a plan of action to help cut down the swelling!  Certainly walking will help decrease the fluid, by increasing the circulation over all and issues with sodium, like a salty meal from the night before Laughing, walking will definitely help decrease the swelling!  


But best idea is to see your physician to know what the root cause is and then form a plan of action with them.  

little brat, Community Member
8/ 6/09 1:31pm

My ankles are always swollen.  The doctor says it is due to my age.  I can go along with that but there is something else--I have hurt my ankles many times--twisted them and sprained and broke one.  LB

giggles, Community Member
3/ 6/10 9:51am

I have a similar problem with my foot and ankle. It has been 22 years since a car accident caused me to have to have a metal rod put in my right femur. For at least the last 15 or so years, this has been an on going problem. It is always worse in the summer time also. The only thing that has ever helped was regular exercising. I already walk alot or am on my feet for many hours of the day because of work or walking the dog. My shoes seem to keep the swelling to a minimal then, but let me do some house work barefooted, and pow! they're swelled up like crazy. really bites when you can't even get your dress shoes on to go out that night!Frown

Ginn, Community Member
8/ 6/09 1:46pm

I agree.  Fluid retention must be investigated and the root cause determined.  I suffered  with this beginning in th 80's.  None of my personal doctors checked my heart and my annual employee physical which determined an irregularity in my ekg did not reveal this to me or my physician (not until I left their employ).  I suffered with back pain later found to be disc damage, etc., then had an angina attack.  So we learn that we must be more that just observers of out health but participants in it also.  Someone has to connect the dots.

Ann Bartlett, Health Guide
8/ 6/09 4:41pm

Here, here! Well said!!!




Rick, Community Member
8/ 6/09 7:37pm

Thank you for the help



Jan, Community Member
8/ 6/09 12:21pm

I am currently suffering with severely swollen ankles.  I am seeing my doctor next week, but in the meantime, he told me to elevate my feet as much as possible and try not to walk in the heat.  I seem to have this problem every summer.  Alabama is hot and humid.  I also have a respiratory infection right now and my pulmonary doctor thinks the swelling could also be related to that.  However, if anyone has a remedy, I would certainly be interested in hearing it.Undecided

Terri N, Community Member
8/ 6/09 1:02pm

My feet/ankles have been swollen for 25 years, since long before I took any medications or had diabetes.  My experience has been that they will swell worse when the weather gets warmer (and it doesn't have to be hot--going from 55 degrees to 70 will do it).  And when I first start a walking program, or if I overdo my exercising, they will also swell more.  But after a few days on a good walking program for 2-3 days, the exercise definitely helps the swelling to go down, presumably as my heart gets stronger and circulates the blood better.

reconcilr, Community Member
8/ 6/09 4:26pm

A nutritionist told me to make sure I was getting enough electrolytes for my swollen ankles. At the time she told me to use Emergen-C which I did and got rid of the swollen ankles.  Today I do not use Emergen-C because it is sweetened with fructose which almost instantly turns into fat when insulin resistance is at play. Instead, I use one of the varieties Ionic Fizz to provide the electrolytes and it works nicely.  Cool

Dr Najeeb, Community Member
8/ 7/09 12:17pm

yes because walking help more vascularity and venous drainage thereby reduse swlling

Marysia, Community Member
9/ 9/09 3:36pm

I agree that walking helps with swollen feet. I, myself, have experienced the same. The more I walk, the better my ankles and legs feel. As soon as I sit, after being in the heat, my ankles swell and I'm miserable. I try to keep walking as much as I can instead of sitting at the computer or t.v. As soon as you can, see a doctor. In the meantime, good luck.

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