• Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    December 20, 2008
    Cherise Nicole
    Health Guide
    December 20, 2008



    Hello!  When your meter tells you to test for keytones it means your blood sugar is high and you could possible have keytones in your urnine.-


     Here is the information on Ketones.  Ketones (beta-hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetic acid, and acetone) are the end-product of rapidor excessive fatty-acid breakdown. As is the case with glucose, ketones will bepresent in the urine when the blood levels of ketonesurpass a certain threshold.

    Fatty-acid release from adipose tissue (body fat) is stimulated by a number of hormones including glucagon, epinephrine, and growth hormone. The levels of these hormonesincrease in starvation (whether related to excess alcohol use or not), uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, and a number of other conditions. Click here, it will tell you how to test for them.



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