• Mary Quitsch Mary Quitsch
    May 10, 2009
    How to lower type2 diabetic blood sugar that is extremely high?
    Mary Quitsch Mary Quitsch
    May 10, 2009

    My husband has type 2 diabetes being treated with glipizide & metformin & trying to eat correctly & shed some pounds.  When he gets the diabetic sweats we always assumed his sugar was low and would have him drink OJ or suck on a hard candy to get sugar and he has always felt better after doing so.  After speaking with a new friend, she informed me that those symptoms could also mean high sugar levels.  How do you treat high sugar levels?



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  • Priya September 22, 2009
    September 22, 2009

    Limit the  quantity of  intake next time you take your food

  • hanadr July 20, 2009
    July 20, 2009

    What do you call "eats correctly?"


    If by this you mean the common "base your meals around plenty of complex carbs"? then that will put the blood glucose up. If sugars are persistently high, then the hypo feeling you describe, is likely to happen at quite high levels. Sugar will make it even higher, even if he feels better.

     A good strategy that works, is to eat a reduced amount of carbs, on the grounds of "That which you haven't eaten, doesn't appear in your blood."

    If this is a change from what he is doing, you'll need a Blood sugar meter to monitor the progress. He may find he can reduce his medication and he should lose weigght.

  • rj13 May 21, 2009
    May 21, 2009


    I was taking metformin and it lowered my BS back to normal from 420 to 120. But after about 11/2 years, my BS went way up, so my doctor increased my metformin. But, it didn't help much so he added glipizide, but 2 months later my BS went back up again.


    Luckily for me, my wife who is also diabetic bought a diabetes book (titled "Death to Diabetes") about super foods (lots of vegetables) and lost 27 pounds. More importantly, her average BS went down to 87.4 and a1c to 5.1% and her doctor took her off the diabetic medication. But, he says she'll be back on medication in a year or so.


    When a friend asked her how she lost so much weight and got off her meds, she told her and helped her until her friend had lost 15 pounds and her doctor reduced her meds. Then, my wife helped her aunt, and then a neighbor down the street.


    Anyhow, I felt that I had nothing to lose, so, I listened to my wife and tried this man's super foods and raw food diet program (lots of salads, soups stir-frys and juicing). He calls it his "Death to Diabetes" wellness program, but the title doesn't make sense, does it? My wife says it does to her, but not to me.


    But, maybe I shouldn't complain, because my BS average went down to 85.6, my a1c to 4.9%, and I LOST 37 POUNDS in about 5 months [my wife is jealous :-)] The author (Dewayne Mcculley, www.deathtodiabetes.com) almost DIED from a diabetic coma, his book is well-written and very thorough -- he believes in raw food dieting, juicing, etc., and explains step by step what to do. It's so simple!


    I was a little afraid of raw foods, I think because of the "bland" taste. But this author provides a lot of cool tips about how to make Brussel sprouts and broccoli taste sweet but still healthy for you! And, it works! I always hated Brussel sprouts because they're so BITTER, but not anymore! :-)


    The author is an engineer. He breaks down the medical jargon and explains how diabetes really works, and why some diets won't work, and why certain foods are necessary for blood glucose stabilization. He explains in detail how to address high sugar readings and low readings -- and why they happen, and how to prevent them. He also explains all the myths about diabetes. And, he explains what the diabetic drugs are really doing, and why they stop working!


    p.s. I am so happy to be off the diabetic drugs! AND I FEEL GREAT! So does my wife.


    p.s. It's been more than a year now, and my wife's doctor is surprised that she hasn't had to go back on medication. He's trying to convince her to take a low dose to be on safe side.
    (Does that make sense to anyone? -- doesn't to me or my wife).


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